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MyGica ATV495 X OS 7.1.2

Download the file

1. Download the zip file
2. Unzip
3. Format your MicroSD Card / SDcard to FAT32
4. Drag and drop files from Unzip folder to root of your MicroSD card
5. Hook it up to your ATV495X
6. Connect HDMI, turn TV on
7. For Reset ( Hold the Power button )
8. Hookup power
9. Hold for 15 seconds

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  1. Hi,

    Where is File?! The attached link “http://xctechs.ca/ATV495HDROS71” does not work!

  2. Michel Pinto e Costa


    The link doesnt work…please can you update the link…

    i need update my tvbox 495X, actuallly firmware is 6.0 and netflix doesnt work need 7.1 or more…

    Best Regard

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